Panel to review cycling on roads, including licensing, theory test for cyclists

The review will take a few months.

Joshua Lee | April 12, 2021, 06:10 PM

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The Singapore government is initiating a review of bicycles on the roads.

This was announced by Senior Minister of State for Transport Chee Hong Tat today (April 12) at a doorstop interview after a closed door session with the Active Mobility Advisory Panel.

Currently, bicycles are allowed to be ridden on footpaths, cycling paths, and roads.

Chee acknowledged that there are "concerns from both motorists and also cyclists with more bicycles now being on the roads".

Safety, he said, is the common concern that all stakeholders — cyclists and drivers alike — share.

Chee also said that with this review, the government will take a look at the existing rules and see if they remain relevant, learning from countries that have better cycling cultures, such as the Netherlands.

Looking into licence, registry, and theory test for cyclists

The Active Mobility Advisory Panel, which will be conducting the review, can also look into the possibility of legislating a licence or registry for cyclists and their bicycles, said Chee.

"We have some people who have made this suggestion. But we do also want to take a look at what is the benefit, the pros and cons, of such a measure."

The panel will also look into the suggestion to make cyclists pass a theory test before they are allowed to cycle on roads.

However, he stressed that this must be done in a balanced and fair manner so as not to discourage people from cycling, which is a major factor in Singapore's strategy to go car-lite.

This review will take a few months, in order to get views from various stakeholders.

Chee also said that enforcement will be stepped up because "it's important for people to know that the rules are in place for good reason — it's to ensure safety".

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