Woman buys 30 servings of beancurd to thank bus captains at Serangoon interchange

Gesture of gratitude.

Ashley Tan | April 21, 2021, 06:00 PM

Bus captains are one of those unsung heroes in the transport industry.

Aside from ferrying us to and fro day and night, they also have to deal with the occasional rowdy passenger.

One woman in Singapore recently took it upon herself to thank them for their hard work.

30 tubs

Leonardo Ng shared in a Facebook post that he happened to be a buying soya milk drinks from the Lao Ban Soya Beancurd stall at Serangoon bus interchange.

While there, he met a woman who purchased a bulk order of 30 tubs of beancurd, which were all meant for the bus captains at the interchange.

Ng asked if she was an SBS staff member, but the woman replied that she was merely a grateful passenger of bus service 315.

She added that she wanted to show her appreciation to all bus captains.

A tub of original beancurd costs around S$1.70, so the woman would have spent more than S$50 in total.

Photo from Leonardo Ng / FB

She also then told the staff at the beancurd stall that she would pay for Ng's drinks.


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Top photo from Leonardo Ng / FB