You Tiao Man CEO 'upset' after PCF Sparkletots staff points out tattooed staff & questions halal status

The CEO added that You Tiao Man is 'colour-blind' to race, gender, age and appearances.

Ashley Tan | March 20, 2021, 07:45 PM

The CEO of You Tiao Man, a local you tiao (fried dough stick) business, has come forward online to dispute a woman who questioned its Halal certification.

Audrey Chew said in a Facebook post that the email she received from the woman had "made [her] a bit upset".

The email, which appears to be sent using the woman's professional work email at PCF Sparkletots, included mentions of a You Tiao Man staff's race and appearance.

Questions on hygiene and halal certification

Chew revealed that the query came after CNA's feature of their business.

The woman said she was "very curious" about the business's hygiene standards as the staff pictured did not wear gloves while prepping the dough.

She also asked: "Can that consider halal as the man look like Chinese man with tattoo using hand."

Photo from Audrey Chew / FB

This appears to have been the staff in question.

Photo from You Tiao Man / YouTube

Chew subsequently penned a lengthy reply which she shared on Facebook.

She first addressed the woman's concerns about hygiene by explaining that all of You Tiao Man's food handlers are trained and registered by the Singapore Food Agency.

The staff was also not wearing gloves as you tiao dough requires shaping and stretching by hand, and the dough would stick onto the gloves.

"Underlying tones of biases"

Chew assured the woman of their products' Halal certification by MUIS, saying that she "would be happy to show her their license upon request".

She added that they have followed all the guidelines as required by MUIS, and "are very proud of [their] Halal certification and we are extremely honoured to share our food with our Muslim friends".

Chew also asserted that the business is "colour-blind" to race, gender, age and appearances, and that the You Tiao Man team is a multi-racial one.

"While tattoos may be negatively perceived by some in the past, today they are widely considered as an art form and an expression of individualism."

"Seeing a multi-racial team working together is a great source of pride for me. This means that as a company, we have done something right to attract such a diverse pool of employees."

She further emphasised that the business respects everyone "regardless of where they come from", and expressed her concerns that the woman had "underlying tones of biases" in her email.

You can read Chew's full response here.

Photo from Audrey Chew / FB

Do not reflect PCF's views

In response to Mothership's queries, PCF Sparkletots's Director of Strategic Planning & Communications, Yvonne Tang, said that the email was sent by a non-teaching support staff.

The comments do not reflect PCF's views, Tang said, and the staff will be counselled about her "inappropriate actions".

She added:

"PCF believes in, champions and teaches the importance of multiracialism. Our diversity means that we all need to be tolerant, understanding and inclusive."

Top photo from You Tiao Man / YouTube and Audrey Chew / FB