Wang Lei unable to sell products in China after businessman allegedly 'steals' his trademark

The businessman had registered it one month earlier.

Mandy How | March 09, 2021, 11:37 AM

Looks like a Chinese businessman has thrown a wrench is Wang Lei's plans.

After finding fame and money in livestream selling, the getai singer has expanded into his own line of products.

But not all is rosy, as an angry Facebook post written on Mar. 3 detailed the setback Wang Lei has encountered in China.

Became the pirated version

According to Wang Lei, he had registered his "Mai Yu Ge" (literally "fish-selling bro") trademark in Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Singapore in July 2020.

However, he had received news that his registration had not only been rejected in China, but it was also a copy of an existing logo, resulting in a dumbfounded Wang Lei.

He is therefore unable to sell his products in the country.

Between curses, Wang Lei said that he had to recall his goods, or they would be confiscated as counterfeits.

Photo via Wang Lei's Facebook page

The getai singer emphasised that he had been using the logo, which was designed for him by a Malaysian netizen, since April 2020.

Photo via Wang Lei's Facebook page

Lost an appeal

Wang Lei even hired a Chinese lawyer to appeal his case, but lost.

He also found out that the "Mai Yu Ge" logo was registered in June 2020 by a Fujian businessman — just one month before Wang Lei submitted it himself.

The livestreamer then warned his followers about "fish bro" products that may appear in China, and addressed the businessman who allegedly stole his trademark:

"[I hope you can] give me back my trademark, because you're stealing it from me in broad daylight!"

Top image via Wang Lei's Facebook page