Teo Heng founder touched by support at Causeway Point & Bedok Point outlets on Mar. 19 reopening

Rooms are available for those who want to 'work, dine and chill'.

Ashley Tan | March 20, 2021, 12:13 PM

Homegrown karaoke business Teo Heng reopened on Mar. 19 after a long hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions on entertainment businesses.

Teo Heng will be pivoting its business model, and renting out its rooms for users to "work, dine and chill" at.

Saw "strong support"

On the day of its reopening, Teo Heng's founder Jackson Teo dropped by the two outlets at Causeway Point and Bedok Point, which have been reopened.

Teo said in a Facebook post there was "strong support" there. He also spent some time passing out leaflets to passers-by informing them of Teo Heng's new offerings.

Photos he shared showed a small crowd outside the entrance to the outlets.

He also shared that two young people recognised him and approached him for a photo, even telling him to "jia you (do your best)".

Teo expressed his gratitude and appreciation for those giving Teo Heng another chance and said he was "very very touched".

You can read his post in Mandarin here.

Rooms with many uses

Although singing with microphones is not allowed at Teo Heng's rooms, customers can rent the rooms by the hour for a variety of uses.

Those who wish to work or "chill" in the rooms can bring their own snacks or purchase drinks and pre-packed food there.

The rooms also include HDMI cables for those who wish to connect their laptop to the TV screen in the room for work or leisure purposes and a ring light with a stand for those who wish to conduct live-streams.

Larger rooms are also available for those who want to use them to hold birthday parties.

Teo Heng director Jean Teo said that currently, they are merely hoping to earn enough to cover their rent and staff's salaries.

Rates start at S$4 per hour for small rooms. You can find more information at Teo Heng's Facebook page here.

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Top photo from Jackson Teo / FB