S'pore private tutor, 63, dies of cancer & donates over S$1 million from house sale to fund education of African children

She also wrote her obituary to thank and say goodbye to her loved ones.

Karen Lui | March 24, 2021, 01:12 PM

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Prior to her passing, 63-year-old private tutor Doris Chua Kheng Geck had drawn up a will to sell her home and donate the proceeds to help underprivileged African children.

Upon her passing on Mar. 20, 2021, Chua's family are preparing to execute her will and fulfil her final wishes.

Image of Doris Chua Kheng Geck, via Lianhe Wanbao.

To sell million-dollar condo unit to fund African children's education after death

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer three years ago, Chua had undergone chemotherapy treatment. However, in August 2020, her cancer recurred. The cancer cells had spread to her brain, causing her vision and hearing to deteriorate before succumbing to the disease.

Chua's elder sister, who spoke to the Chinese evening newspaper Lianhe Waobao on Mar. 23, 2021, shared that Chua had passed away on Mar. 20, with her family by her side.

Her family disclosed that Chua had drawn up a will ahead of her passing to sell her condominium unit in Pasir Ris and donate the full sum to fund the education of underprivileged children in Africa through World Vision.

Chua had this plan since she was being diagnosed with cancer three years ago. Back then, during an interview with Wanbao, Chua revealed that she would donate all the proceeds from selling her Pearl Bank Apartments unit to the African children.

After the en bloc sale, she moved to Seastrand condominium at Pasir Ris Link.

Her Seastrand condominium unit is estimated to worth more than S$1,000,000. Chua's sister said they will be liaising with World Vision directly to process Chua's donation after selling her condo unit.

Image via China Press Johor.

Sponsoring an Ethiopian girl

In addition to her will, Chua had been sponsoring a girl, now 14, who is living in Ethiopia.

Image via China Press Johor.

Prior to her death, she had committed to sponsor the girl until she reaches the age of 18.

Chua's elder sister said, "My younger sister was very sanguine, and even consoled me, telling me that she will accept fate. She had made the necessary arrangements and had entrusted the sponsorship funds for the Ethiopian girl to the agency."

Self-written obituary

Yesterday (Mar. 23, 2021), Chua's family had published her obituary in both English and Chinese.

The obituary was also prepared by Chua prior to her death and she also informed her family that she wanted a sea burial.

Image by Obits.sg.

The English version of the obituary reads:

"My dearly beloved family and friends

As you read this personal note of mine, I am already on my way to enjoying paradise to every corner of the world with Lauren, my late darling pet cat.

My profuse apologies to say goodbye to you without notice! Just remember that if you are ever near the sea and you think of us, just wave at the sea to say "Hello Doris & Lauren" and you can rest assured that Lauren and I will know you are thinking of us.

I have been through many of life's challenges in these 63 years. The ups and downs had been made much easier and more colourful because of your loving kindness, support and friendship throughout my journey. Heaven had indeed blessed me abundantly with many good things in life and I felt extremely fulfilled.

Please allow me to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratefulness to each and every one of you. I wish you all the best of happiness and good health.

Farewell, my dearest family and friends!"

Top images via China Press Johor.