'I couldn't ask for a better husband': Man chills outside Sheraton Towers & eats risotto with wife serving SHN

So sweet.

Nyi Nyi Thet | March 23, 2021, 06:43 PM

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Natalia, like most of us, had a very unconventional 2020.

Plans were scuppered and drastically changed.

She had been living in Japan for eight years, and was under contract till March 2021, but had been looking forward to visits from her husband/best friend in 2020.

Visits were delayed again and again, as borders remained closed and the pandemic went on.

Like any lovestruck couple kept away from each other, they took to sending postcards in hopes that "time would pass faster".

The jury is still out on whether their love did indeed distort time and space, but it did lead Natalia to hopping on the plane this March to finally make her way to Singapore.

Natalia then started serving her SHN at Sheraton Towers.

Natalia has known her husband for 14 years, so 14 more days might not seem too long an ordeal to be apart from each other, especially after a doozy of a 2020.

Just a little bit more perhaps.


Not content to wait a single day more, while of course respecting SHN measures in Singapore, Natalia's husband decided instead to embark on his one-man operation to supply his wife with all her favourite food.

Image courtesy of Natalia

Natalia told Mothership that he took it upon himself to bring her her favourite fruits and a box of macarons, which she absolutely adores.

The next day he made mushroom risotto for the both of them, and took it to the hotel.

Wait, the both of them?

Yes, here is Natalia's husband tucking in to the mushroom risotto outside her window, so they could eat their meal together.


In a post on a a Singapore hotel quarantine Facebook group, Natalia jokingly apologised for her husband's constant presence around the hotel.

The constant presence line might be spot on though, as she mentioned that her husband had told her he would try to visit her everyday, even coming down later after work.

Natalia's SHN will end on Sunday, April 4, at which point she plans to have a dinner with her husband and friends.

"We plan to have dinner with our friends to celebrate our reunion, I couldn't ask for a better husband."

Images courtesy of Natalia