S'pore PR, 38, charged with allegedly breaking SHN to spend five hours with wife in a car

The US National is accused of sneaking out of his hotel on two occasions to meet his wife.

Andrew Koay | March 05, 2021, 12:19 PM

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A Singapore permanent resident will be charged on Mar. 5 for allegedly sneaking out of his hotel while on stay-home notice (SHN) to meet his wife.

The United States national — who was identified by Yahoo News as a 38-year-old man named Bai Fan — arrived in Singapore on Sep. 19, 202 from China via Hong Kong and was meant to serve an SHN until Oct. 3 in a hotel near City Hall.

However, according to an ICA press release, Bai is believed to have left the hotel on Sep. 19 and 20, to meet his wife who is also a permanent resident in Singapore.

On Sep. 19, Bai's wife picked him up from the hotel and they spent an hour and 40 minutes in the car in the vicinity.

The next day, she picked him up again.

This time, they spent about five hours in the car, first in the vicinity of the hotel, then later in a nearby carpark.

Bai will be charged with two counts of an offence under the Infectious Diseases (Covid-19 - Stay Orders) Regulations on Mar. 5.

If convicted, he could face a fine of up to S$10,000, imprisonment of up to six months, or both.

He could also face further administrative actions by ICA and the Ministry of Manpower, such as the revoking or shortening of his ability to remain and work in Singapore.

Top image by Joshua Lee