Taiwan authorities: 'Zhang Salmon Dream' still has 1 chance left to change his name back

A short-lived nightmare.

Karen Lui | March 22, 2021, 03:11 PM

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Taiwanese authorities have clarified the circumstances surrounding Taiwanese man Zhang Salmon Dream's alleged irreversible name change.

The drama surrounding Zhang's name change has garnered island-wide attention in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, a person can only change their name legally a maximum of three times.

According to Zhang, he had used his last quota to change his name in order to enjoy the sushi promotion, and was only informed about it upon collecting his new identification card.

The registration staff who had processed Zhang's name change application stepped forward to clarify that Zhang still has one more chance left to change his name back.


Speaking to Taiwanese news outlet CTS News, the staff said:

"Before I saved the document, I even asked him, 'Are you sure? This is the second time you are changing your name.'

After changing it, I also said, 'You only have one more chance [to change your name]', with particular emphasis on this reminder. Perhaps this student, Zhang, had remembered wrongly."

Screenshot via CTS News.

The Household Registration Office told CTS News that Zhang had gone to apply for a name change at around 5pm on Mar. 17.

At that time, more than one staff member had apparently advised him against the name change.

They had also reminded him that after his name change, he still has one more chance to do it again.

Top image by United Daily News and CTS News.