Pulau Ubin dog snagged by wild boar trap, ends up with exposed bone & requires amputation

Poor doggo.

Siti Hawa | March 24, 2021, 11:27 AM

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Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) Singapore, an animal welfare organisation, took to its social media page to share the plight of a Pulau Ubin dog named Silvermist.

Silvermist was snagged and injured by a wild boar trap.

Released by worker

In an Instagram post, SOSD explained that when the female dog first got caught in the wild boar trap, a worker had released her.

At that point, she did not appear to have sustained any major injuries and went on her way.

However, a week later, someone realised that she was "limping badly".

After taking a closer look, the person realised that her leg had a massive wound.

According to SOSD, her bone was exposed and most of the flesh in the area had been "eaten away".

*WARNING: Graphic images ahead*

Photo via @sosdsingapore on Instagram

Photo via @sosdsingapore on Instagram

Amputation the best way forward

SOSD then brought Silvermist to the vet.

Although she remained "docile" while her wound was being checked and cleaned, due to the extent of her injuries, amputation is "the best way forward" so that she can recover, said SOSD.

The total cost of surgery, hospitalisation and medications add up to S$5,000.

Photo via @sosdsingapore on Instagram

Photo via @sosdsingapore on Instagram


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Photo via @sosdsingapore on Instagram

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Top photos via @sosdsingapore on Instagram