Mac & cheese pizza & 'fries on pizza' available at new game-themed pizza delivery concept

The pizza box transforms into a chessboard.

Karen Lui | March 10, 2021, 12:53 PM

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Fast food lovers may been anxiously anticipating the release of KFC's newest Zingerito that puts the well-loved side dish into a wrap.

If you wish to elevate your Mac and Cheese game to the next level, The Priority Club has your back.

This new game-inspired pizza delivery concept offers a pizza topped with truffle mac and cheese for the cheesiest indulgence.

They also serve pizza topped with fries for those who enjoy fries with absolutely everything.

Truffle Mac and Cheese pizza

The Priority Club allows the truffle mac and cheese to shine as the star in the Truffle Mac Attack (S$19.90) by keeping things simple with only three other ingredients - cheddar, tomato sauce, and mozzarella.

Vegetarians may be pleased to know that this pizza is one amongst the three vegetarian flavours available.

Image by The Priority Club.

Fries on pizza

To cater to fries addicts, the Priority Club is offering not one but two varieties of 'fries on pizza'.

Japanese curry fans may opt for the Curry Curry Revolution (S$19.90) that is topped with shoestring fries, Japanese curry chicken, cheddar, tomato sauce, and mozzarella.

Image by The Priority Club.

If you're more of a Carl's Jr Beef Chilli Cheese Fries type of person, try the Shy Guy's Chilli Fries (S$22.90) that is topped with spiced minced beef, cheddar, red onions, tomato sauce, mozzarella, alongside the shoestring fries.

Image by The Priority Club.

12" pizzas

The Priority Club serves a total of eight different flavoured pizzas, but it all comes in one size - 12 inches.

Prices for the crispy thin crust style pizzas start at S$16.90, with nothing above S$22.90.

Two of their more unique offerings include Paneer Dungeon (S$22.90) and 64-bit Kebab (S$22.90).

The vegetarian Paneer Dungeon pizza consists of spinach, cottage cheese, onions, garlic yoghurt, fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce, and mozzarella.

Image by The Priority Club.

If you've been wishing for a kebab in pizza form, the 64-bit Kebab delivers with its toppings of spiced chicken, garlic yoghurt, onions, rocket leaves, and fresh tomatoes.

Those who are less adventurous may still enjoy options like the Pork Pepperoni classic Pac-Pan's Pepperoni (S$19.90), a cheese pizza Cheesy RPG (S$16.90), and Hawaiian-style Pineapple Quest (S$19.90).

The pizza packaging can be transformed into a chess board so you can re-enact your favourite Queen's Gambit finishing move with your friends.

Image by The Priority Club.


Boasting a total of eight Asian flavours, pasta prices range from S$14.90 to S$19.90.

Image by The Priority Club.

If you're still not over the mala craze, try the Wild Card Mala Chicken (S$16.90) with spicy Sichuan style chicken.

Wild Card Mala Chicken. Image by The Priority Club.

Spice addicts may also check out the Sleight of Tom Yum (S$16.90) with prawns and cherry tomatoes, Queen of Aglio-Olio (S$14.90), and King of Spicy Tomato (S$14.90).

Test your spice tolerance with three customisable levels of spice, namely Regular, Super Spicy, and Crazy Spicy.

Those who do not fancy lighting their tongue on fire may opt for the Ace of Bolognese (S$16.90), Carbonara Grand Slam (S$16.90), Taco-cchi Blanche (S$19.90) featuring taco minced beef, and Salmon Mentaiko Stack (S$19.90).

Salmon Mentaiko Stack. Image by The Priority Club.

Gluten-free pasta is available for all pastas with an additional S$3 surcharge.

Playing cards are included with pasta dishes when ordered in a bundle.

Image by The Priority Club.


If you prefer more fries to go with your 'fries on pizza' or just as a separate side, they have Fries (S$9) that comes with a sauce that you can choose from four varieties.

They are Japanese Curry, Swedish Gravy, Greek Garlic Yoghurt (+S$1), and Mentaiko (+S$2).

If you prefer more meat, opt for the Popcorn Chicken (S$12) that also comes with a sauce.

Beef Meatballs (S$16 for four) are also available with the aforementioned sauces, except Mentaiko.

Images by The Priority Club.


Tea drinkers may wish to try their Prioritea (S$9) in two flavours - Sakura and Luna.

Luna (left) and Sakura (right). Images by The Priority Club.

Sakura is a cherry blossom green tea with apple juice, aloe vera, and rose petals while Luna is a jasmine white tea with grapefruit juice and osmanthus flowers.

Those above 18 may wish to look at their selection of canned alcoholic beverages including a selection of cocktail blends (S$6.90 to S$10.90) by Japanese Suntory and craft beer (S$14.90) by South Korean Playground Brewery.


You may make your orders directly from their website or via food delivery platforms like Grabfood (islandwide delivery), Deliveroo, and Foodpanda.

To celebrate its launch, a minimum order of S$50 via their website is entitled to free delivery for a limited time.

Orders via food delivery platforms can enjoy 20% off all sides and cold brew teas.

For groups of 2 to 4, check out the bundles for more savings.

Bundle Price Components
GGWP for two pax S$45

(U.P. S$52.90)

  • One Priority Pizza
  • Two sides
  • Two cold brew teas
  • One set of holographic chess pieces

SlapJack for two pax S$49

(U.P. S$56.80)

  • Two Priority Pastas
  • One side
  • Two cold brew teas
  • One deck Priority playing cards

Game Night for four pax S$89

(U.P. S$99.60)

  • Two Priority Pizzas
  • Two Priority Pastas
  • Two sides
  • Four cold brew teas
  • One set of holographic chess pieces OR one deck of Priority playing cards

Games Night Bundle. Image by The Priority Club.

Top images by The Priority Club.