Plant-based chicken thigh, certified as 'healthier choice', available at 11 restaurant brands in S'pore from Mar. 18

Chicken-thigh alternative that does not contain cholesterol, sugars, and trans-fat.

Ashley Tan | March 11, 2021, 01:55 PM

Those looking for meat-free options can look forward to a new brand of plant-based chicken launching at several bars and restaurants around Singapore.

The Singapore-based food tech company Next Gen Foods previously managed to raise US$10 million (S$13.4 million) in seed funding.

The company is launching plant-based chicken, called the TiNDLE chicken, from Mar. 18, 2021, at 11 F&B brands across the island.

Environmentally-friendly & healthier chicken-thigh alternative

The plant-based chicken — called TiNDLE Thy, a chicken-thigh alternative — comprises nine ingredients such as water, soy, sunflower oil and coconut fat.

It is also non-GMO and completely made from plants.

According to the press release, TiNDLE Thy presents a more nutritious and wholesome option as compared to conventional chicken as it does not contain any cholesterol, sugars and trans-fat, and is antibiotic and hormone-free.

Singapore's Health Promotion Board has certified it as a Healthier Choice option, with less saturated fat and sodium than other plant-based alternatives in the market.

It is also healthy for the planet — it uses 74 per cent less land, 82 per cent less water and generates 88 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional chicken.

Used in variety of cuisines

The plant-based chicken has been lauded by chefs to be versatile enough to be used in a variety of cuisines and dishes.

Some of these dishes include Butter TiNDLE Pot Pie, TiNDLE Katsu Curry, TiNDLE Chicken Strudel and Sesame-Crusted Lemon TiNDLE.

Photo from TiNDLE / IG

Photo from TiNDLE / IG

Photo from TiNDLE / IG

Where to find dishes with TiNDLE chicken?

TiNDLE's plant-based chicken can be found at:

  • Three Buns
  • Privé
  • Bayswater Kitchen
  • Empress
  • The Goodburger
  • ADDA
  • Love Handle Burgers
  • Sunny Slices
  • The Market Grill
  • 28 Hong Kong Street
  • Levant

Specifically, The Goodburger’s What the Cluck! TiNDLE burger will be available at Raffles Place on Mar. 18, 19, 22 and 23, from 11am to 3pm only (or until sold out).

The first 100 burgers on each day will be free as well — customers queuing up at the food truck need only show that they follow TiNDLE and The Goodburger on Instagram.

You can find more information on TiNDLE here.

Top photo from TiNDLE / IG