S'pore man gripes about Pizza Hut order 1 inch shorter than advertised size

Heat shrinkage.

Karen Lui | March 09, 2021, 02:11 PM

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Last month, Pizza Hut came up with a quirky and controversial offering, the Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza.

But a customer had a different bone to pick with Pizza Hut, claiming that he was allegedly shortchanged by receiving a pizza smaller than the advertised size.

Size reduction

The Facebook user, identified only as Ng Ng, shared that he had made a takeaway order for a Veggie Lover pizza in its Regular six-slice size on Mar. 7, 2021.

After measuring the pizza with a measuring tape, he found that the pizza he received was only eight inches wide, which made him feel "shortchanged".

Photo by Ng Ng on Facebook.

Photo by Ng Ng on Facebook.

Pizza Hut's website states that Regular-sized pizzas are "Approx. 9" (6 Slices)".

The missing one inch accounts for an approximate 21 per cent size reduction, contrary to Ng Ng's allegation that it is a "12% size reduction".

Price increase

In addition to the reduced size, the customer also pointed out a supposed price hike of the Regular takeaway pizza.

He claimed it previously only cost him S$11, yet he paid S$13.05.

Photo by Ng Ng on Facebook.

The price difference counts as an approximate 18.6 per cent increase, prompting him to remark about the "almost whopping 19% increase".

He ended his post by suggesting that Pizza Hut should provide customers with more value for money in such challenging times during a pandemic.

He said he was disappointed and would not be buying pizza from the Hut again.

Netizens' reactions

Some netizens have tried to explain the size reduction as "heat shrinkage".

A few others had mixed views about the customer's decision to actually measure the pizza.

Pizza Hut's response

When contacted by Mothership, a spokesperson for Pizza Hut Singapore said:

"We are sorry to hear that in this instance the customer was not satisfied with their order. Our team immediately took steps to speak to the customer and offer a refund for the order."

Pizza Hut added that they guide customers on the number of slices in each pizza to help them make their choice.

Top images by Ng Ng on Facebook.