Man repeatedly kicks golden retriever retreating in corner, SPCA investigating


Karen Lui | March 31, 2021, 07:24 PM

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A video of a person kicking a pet dog has been circulating on social media and SPCA is investigating the case.

Video showing possibly dog abuse sparked outrage

An Instagram account under the handle @sg.influenzers posted the 9-second video on Mar. 27, 2021.

In the video, a person wearing bright coral bermuda shorts is seen kicking a golden retriever wearing a pet cone around its neck.

Also known as an Elizabethan collar, the pet cone is usually put on an animal to prevent it from biting, licking, or scratching at its wounds in order to allow them to heal.

It is difficult to ascertain where and when the incident had happened as the video was taken indoors.

The abuser in the video cannot be confirmed as the video, which appeared to be self-recorded, does not show the person's face.

Dog retreats to a corner while man kicks it repeatedly

After the first few strikes with his right foot, the dog finds itself in the corner as the individual closes in and continues to kick it, the 9-second video shows.

The person then alternates between the left and right foot to deliver kicks to the animal.

The noises of the foot kicking against the collar and the dog's body can be heard in the video.

The dog does not retaliate against its attacker and remains still as it silently tolerates the kicks.

SPCA investigating

In response to Mothership's query, Executive Director of SPCA, Jaipal Singh Gill said that SPCA is aware of the case and investigations are ongoing.

Mothership has also reached out to NParks for comments.

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Top images via @sg.influenzers on Instagram.