S'pore volunteers find elderly woman lying on toilet floor, SCDF & police called to the rescue

The volunteers were distributing food when they spotted the old lady.

Joshua Lee | March 21, 2021, 09:48 AM

An old lady was conveyed to the hospital yesterday (March 20) after she was found lying on her toilet floor.

The elderly lady was found by volunteers from Mummy Yummy, a vegetarian food business/community welfare organisation.

Mummy Yummy/Facebook

Mummy Yummy/Facebook.

Mummy Yummy wrote on Facebook that a team of volunteers was distributing food in the community yesterday when they came across the woman in the unit "with her [feet] hanging out of the toilet door".

The old lady was responsive when the volunteers called out to her.

They immediately alerted the police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) who arrived shortly after and broke into the old woman's house to extract her.

Yummy Mummy/Facebook

Importance of community work

This incident illustrated the importance of community work, wrote Mummy Yummy, adding that having someone around to look out for vulnerable folks "at their weakest moment" can increase their chances of surviving an accident.

"We don’t expect to see this sudden situation every time but we must be prepared for that one time to occur."

Mothership has reached out to SCDF for more information. You can read Mummy Yummy's post here:

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Top images via Mummy Yummy/Facebook.