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| Sulaiman Daud | Sponsored | March 04, 2021, 05:59 PM

Singaporeans all love to shop, share tips on which shops are offering discounts with our friends, stay up to camp for promo codes, and wait all year round for huge online sales.

After all, what could be better than getting an awesome deal on something you really want to buy, and knowing that you saved some money into the bargain?

But while some of these new shopping platforms have become popular in recent years, let’s focus on something a little closer to home.

Check out these tips for shopping at a well-known Singaporean institution, a name that every Singaporean knows the moment they are born, NTUC FairPrice.

Explore how they get supercharged during their Mega Savings Online Bash, which will run from March 4 to 17.

What's it about?

FairPrice’s Mega Savings Online Bash is their biggest sale of the year, and runs for two weeks. It’s a way to provide an online grocery shopping experience that’s both safer and more convenient.

From March 4 to 17, you can look forward to steep discounts, weekend flash sales, promo codes and even a lucky draw.

The Marketplace

FairPrice’s website has a virtual marketplace where you can find a good deal pretty much any day of the week.

With up to 400 Marketplace sellers (and growing), shoppers can peruse over 60,000 unique Marketplace offerings, such as Janice Wong's bakes, Kirei’s premium selection of Japanese sake, Hebeloft makeup must-haves, Rein Pets supplies and more.

During the Bash, selected Marketplace products can be “mixed and matched” for 50 per cent off. Interested in other products? Check out their Buy 2 for the Price of 1 deal, and also discounts of up to 50 per cent.

These super deals will be available from March 4 to 10.

2-Day Special Flash sale

Much like the superhero himself, whether you catch a flash sale in progress depends on your speed.

Selected items go on sale over the two weekends, with special items for special occasions like staycations, birthdays, etc.

During the Bash, even more exciting deals await. Check back on both weekends, in other words, March 6 to 7 and 13 to 14 to secure these great discounts.

Bundle deals

FairPrice regularly partners with different brands to bring greater savings for customers.

Some brands offer discounts and free gifts with purchase every week. Such promotions might even make JP Morgan himself shed a tear of joy.

As you may have suspected, this gets taken up a notch during the Bash. Expect exciting discounts from brands like Coca-Cola, dairy company Fonterra, pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, food company Nestlé, beverage company Milo and Japanese beverage and consumer products maker Suntory.

Customers can enjoy up to 19 brand-and-bundle deals, all in just one week, and it will be available from March 11 to 17.

Promo codes

Who doesn’t like promo codes? These useful little items add joy and spice to your life through the magic of a few random letters.

Are you a Mastercard® user? Expect exciting promo codes for the duration of the campaign when you pay for your online groceries with Mastercard, and save up to S$12 on your order. While promo codes last.

But obviously, it doesn’t stop there.

Test your luck

There will also be an EXCLUSIVE LUCKY DRAW that will take place entirely ONLINE. Every order you make with a value above S$100 entitles you to one chance.

Five winners will be selected per day, each getting S$100 worth of FairPrice Online vouchers.

And best of all, there will be a grand prize of S$1,000 worth of FairPrice Online vouchers.

And if the experience has made you realise how valuable FairPrice is to getting sweet deals, check out FairPrice Digital Club.

It's a newly launched membership programme where you can enjoy unlimited free deliveries, waiver of service fees, member exclusive promotions, and the ability to earn and redeem LinkPoints at just S$9.99 a month.

Shopping and winning money for it? That’s every Singaporean’s dream.

Top image from FairPrice Facebook page.

This FairPrice ad let the writer understand the thrill his mother feels at haggling for good deals at the marketplace.