Researchers invent nose-only mask, claim it reduces infection risk while eating & drinking

Extra protection.

Andrew Koay | March 26, 2021, 02:16 PM

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Since April last year, wearing a mask outside of the home has been compulsory in Singapore.

The only time you're allowed to have a mask off is when engaging in strenuous exercise or eating and drinking.

However, researchers in Mexico may have conceived a solution for diners who are still wary of catching an infection.

According to CBS News, they have invented a nose-only mask.

A video posted on CBS's twitter showed a man and a woman removing their face masks to reveal that they were wearing nose coverings as well.

Both demonstrate how they could now eat and drink without fully compromising on their safety.

Despite the bizarre appearances, the mask's inventors say that it will reduce the risk of infection during eating and talking.

The claim may be true with Fox News reporting that covering the nose would actually help prevent the spread of Covid-19, as it is one of the key entry points for the virus.

The United States' Centre for Disease Control has also advised that wearing more layers over your face is an effective method to reduce the amount of respiratory droplets getting through one's mask.

Top image screenshot from CBS News' Twitter account