Ngee Ann Poly investigating video of students peeing on 2 boys in school toilet


Joshua Lee | March 23, 2021, 12:43 AM

Update on March 23, 4.44pm: Ngee Ann Polytechnic confirmed that it has identified the students involved. The school also confirmed that the incident did not take place during its freshmen orientation programme or as part of preparations for the programme. The article has been updated with this information.

Multiple readers wrote to Mothership with videos of what appear to be a hazing session conducted by students wearing orientation shirts from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP).

In the video, two guys — stripped naked — stand in a toilet shower cubicle while guys enter the cubicle two by two to pee on them.

Some of the students involved are supposedly from the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Students' Union (NPSU).

"Eh I want you to empty your vessels ah!" someone shouts in the background. "Eh you all better pee ah!"

"Eh! Pee the hair! Pee the hair!" another person yells.

"Eh no showering! No showering!" shouts someone as one of the victims switches on the shower.

In the clip, three pairs of boys are seen entering the cubicle and taking turns to pee. It is unclear exactly how many people were involved.

Some of the guys' T-shirt designs seem to match a Ngee Ann Polytechnic banner from a 2019 freshman orientation camp we found online, suggesting that the students in the video are from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

It is possible that this hazing was conducted recently as some of the guys in the video clip have masks on.

In response to queries from Mothership, Ngee Ann Polytechnic said that it has identified the boys involved.

The school is also conducting an internal disciplinary inquiry and will take appropriate disciplinary action against those found to be in breach of its Student Code of Conduct.

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