2 men spent 28 hours running 200km around the perimeter of S'pore

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Syahindah Ishak | March 14, 2021, 05:04 PM

Two men in Singapore took more than a day to run around the island's perimeter.

200km in 28 hours

According to a Facebook post by Endurance Asia Podcast, they covered a total of 200km in 28 hours.

This means that they were running an average of 7.14km per hour.

There were a few moments when the two men thought they wouldn't be able to pull through, the Facebook post wrote.

"The pain of running this distance on flat in 90% humidity is next level. There were a few moments we thought they wouldn’t be able to pull through but amazing perseverance and support from family, friends and the Singapore ultra running community."

Photo from Endurance Asia Podcast/FB.

Photo from Endurance Asia Podcast/FB.

Photo from Endurance Asia Podcast/FB.

You can view the full post here:

The Round Island Route

One of the pictures of the two men shows them standing on a Round Island Route (RIR) sign.

Photo from Endurance Asia Podcast/FB.

According to NParks, RIR is a continuous 150km park connector that goes around Singapore.

It complements the existing Park Connector Network (PCN), allowing members of the public to cycle, skate, jog and hike around the island.

Another man cycled around Singapore in 13 hours

This isn't the first time someone had spent hours journeying around Singapore.

In 2019, a man cycled 161km around the island's perimeter in 13 hours using his foldable bike.

Top images from Endurance Asia Podcast/FB.