Dog abandoned in M'sia park doesn't move & waits for owner all night to return


Fasiha Nazren | March 26, 2021, 02:46 PM

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Dogs are well-known as lifelong loyal companions.

Sometimes, however, they are too loyal for their own good.

Dog abandoned with leash

On Mar. 22, a Facebook post by Vivian Wong shared the unfortunate tale of a dog in Malaysia.

According to the post, a mongrel with a red collar was allegedly abandoned at the entrance of Taman Tun Dr Ismail Park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It also appeared to have been leashed to the park's gate.

But even after the leash was removed from the dog's collar, it remained at the same spot and refused to leave.

Photo from Vivian Wong's Facebook post.

The same night, the dog was spotted at the same spot, perhaps faithfully waiting for its owner to come back to bring it home.

Photo from Vivian Wong's Facebook post.

Photo from Vivian Wong's Facebook post.

Wong added that the dog refused to eat as it was scared of others.

Currently fostered

Fortunately, there is a somewhat happy ending for this mongrel.

While its owners didn't come back for it, Wong shared that the dog is currently being fostered by a man named Omar Michael.

She ended the post by saying that abandoning should never be an option for pet owners.

"If you cant afford to keep it, reach out. People will help. People will send food or even donate, or even adopt."

Top image from Vivian Wong's Facebook post.