Haidilao employees sing Fish Leong's 'Break Up Happily' to sobbing & heartbroken customer

Going all out for their customers.

Julia Yeo | March 30, 2021, 06:47 PM

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Haidilao's impeccable customer service is no secret among its patrons.

From birthdays to special events, the hotpot chain is known to provide freebies such as fruit platters and congratulatory signboards for such occasions.

But a lesser-known service is perhaps having the employees commiserate with those going through a breakup.

Haidilao employees sing for customer going through breakup, comfort her

In a video shared on a Taiwanese Facebook group, three Haidilao employees were seen surrounding a table and singing "Break Up Happily", a Mandopop hit by Fish Leong to a female customer.

A girl who was being filmed was seen laughing and crying as the three employees serenaded her.

One of the staff members holding a signboard offered the customer a tissue box for her to wipe away her tears as well.

On the signboard, "高富帅 (Gao Fu Shuai)", meaning "tall, rich, handsome", was written on it.

A female employee holding a phone patted the customer's back, appearing to comfort her as she wiped away her tears.

The third employee held a mic, belting out song lyrics in front of the table.

The video was also shared by another Facebook user who remarked jokingly, "So it seems that Haidilao doesn't only celebrate birthdays!"

Although the video went viral recently, it is unclear when the incident took place.

Facebook users weigh in

Several Facebook users on the Taiwanese Facebook group weighed in on the post, reported ET Today.

Some users sympathised with the female customer, saying that they would've felt "shameful".

"This friend needs a beating," one user commented.

"I'd be even more sad and embarrassed after this," another user said.

"This is even more embarrassing than people singing Happy Birthday," one user weighed in.

However, some saw the humour in the situation.

"They should sing 'He Doesn't Love Me' instead," a user jokingly said.

"This meal was definitely worth it," someone wrote.

Not the first time

While such requests at Haidilao seem to be less common than birthday celebrations, it is not the first time such a request has been fulfilled by the hotpot chain.

In 2020, a Facebook user in Kaohsiung, Taiwan shared that their coworker had indicated that they were here to "celebrate their breakup" for their meal, in their reservation, reported TTN.

Screenshot via TTN

Clearly, the restaurant's employees did not disappoint.

Although these incidents have mostly taken place overseas, you could always try it out at Singapore outlets, should the occasion unfortunately arise.

Top image via Iris Wong/FB