GrabFood rider spends 1 hour helping office ladies dismantle & assemble chair

He got a tip for his efforts.

Ashley Tan | March 05, 2021, 08:10 PM

A group of office workers in Singapore got into a bit of a pickle at work when they tried but were unable to assemble one of their new office chairs.

Wrongly-assembled chair

One of them, Mala Devi, told Mothership that they were befuddled by the assembly of the furniture and how it eventually turned out.

Mala added that the supplier had assured her and her colleagues that setting the chair up would be an easy job and to simply follow the instructions.

It wasn't the case, however.

Here's a picture of the chair after they had assembled it.

Doesn't look too good for one's posture.

Photo from Mala

Rider to the rescue

Thankfully, a GrabFood delivery rider who arrived at their office to deliver food came to the rescue.

Mala shared that the rider, Ku Soon Ming, noticed the atypical chair.

Ku took a closer look at the chair, and Mala's colleague then asked him if he would be able to fix it.

He replied that he would try.

And proceeded to spend the next one hour figuring out what went wrong and completely dismantling and reassembling the chair.

Photo from Mala

It turns out that Mala and her colleagues had used the wrong screw when connecting the various parts, a piece of information which Mala noted the instructions failed to include.

Mala then expressed her gratitude to Ku who decided to extend a helping hand to them.

She wrote that for delivery riders, time lost was income lost.

She and her colleagues also tipped the rider S$10 as a token of appreciation for his kindness and patience.

Although Ku initially refused, he eventually accepted the cash after much persuasion.

Mala said: "Kudos to Mr Ku Soon Ming for being a kind Samaritan of the day!"

Top photo from Mala