GrabExpress offering same day, 4-hour delivery with fixed fares of S$5.30 onwards

Fast and simple.

| Guan Zhen Tan | Sponsored | March 29, 2021, 08:45 PM

GrabExpress, a delivery service from ride-hailing giant Grab, is offering parcel and courier delivery services at a reasonable price.

Instant and 4-hour delivery window

Customers can choose from two types of delivery services: “Instant” or “4 Hours”.

The “4 Hours” delivery service, a new addition to the service, allows customers to have their items to be delivered within four hours.

This service can be used for items that you need to send to your recipient on the day itself, but not time-sensitive - this would then save you time from having to personally deliver the item yourself.

For example, returning clothes and books to a friend, shipping out items to your customers, or sending a pre-loved item to a Carousell buyer.

Customers can also choose from “Instant” delivery service, the sender will have their items picked up within 15 minutes and delivered within 60 minutes islandwide.

This would be more appropriate for situations like sending food and pastries, or important items such as keys or important documents left at home.

It can also be used to expedite deliveries of certain items such as gifts for occasions such as birthday gatherings.

Pick the right type of vehicle for your item - bike for more hardy, smaller items, and car for bigger, fragile and perishable items, and you’re ready to go.

It is priced from S$5.30 to S$13.30, depending on the distance covered for the delivery.

Here’s the price tier for easy reference:

  • 0 - 5km: S$5.30
  • 5 - 10km: S$7.30
  • 10 - 20km: S$10.30
  • 20km - 30km: S$13.30


The service is suitable for home-based businesses and online retailers too.

All they need to do is to tap the “Create a delivery form” button, and you can create a form to all your buyers to fill up their delivery info.

This saves sellers the hassle of coordinating and pricing deliveries.


Benefits of using GrabExpress

Some benefits include the convenience of the service: GrabExpress allows for door-to-door delivery without the sender having to head down to the post office, or drop it off at a collection point.

GrabExpress also makes use of a large, well-trained fleet of drivers, who can be live-tracked by both sender and recipients.

Furthermore, there is coverage of S$500 for your item or parcel, in the event it is lost or damaged, so you can deliver your parcel with a peace of mind.

If you need to make bulk orders, you can use this website to indicate all the items you need delivered at once.

For business users who would like to use GrabExpress for business needs, GrabForBusiness allows one to manage multiple accounts under one corporate group, with features such as usage reports, fraud control, and direct corporate billing.

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This article is brought to you by Grab, which makes sending that urgent document or surprise gift way easier.