Cat in Choa Chu Kang comfortably waits out Mar. 7 afternoon rain under shelter made by residents

Muscles the cat has caring neighbours.

Zhangxin Zheng | March 08, 2021, 01:24 AM

The heavens unleashed a much needed downpour on Sunday, Mar. 7 after many weeks of sweltering hot weather.

While some inhabitants in Singapore were caught off guard by the downpour, one cat named "Muscles" knew instinctively where to go.

Muscles, a well-loved community cat in Choa Chu Kang

A Choa Chu Kang resident witnessed Muscles, a black community cat, resting comfortably in its house made from cardboard box.

The roof of the house was decorated with drawings of cats, fish and hearts.

Photo by Mothership reader.

Here's Muscles stretching out its head to check whether the rain had stopped:

Photo by Mothership reader.

Photo by Mothership reader.

Photo by Mothership reader.

Second home

The resident told Mothership that she would see Muscles every day when she passed by the area.

This is the second home for Muscles after the previous one got thrown away.

The resident shared photos of the previous home, which was thoughtfully decorated with colourful drawings.

The kindhearted person who made this home for this black cat gave it the name "Muscles".

However, the black cat also has other names such as "pretty baby" and "Domino", according to the comments left by other animal-loving residents.

Photo by Mothership reader.

Photo by Mothership reader.


All images by Mothership reader.