Mother in Chin Swee Road toddler murder case gets discharge not amounting to acquittal

She can still be prosecuted depending on the evidence.

Belmont Lay | March 02, 2021, 05:22 PM

A 32-year-old woman has been granted a discharge not amounting to an acquittal on March 2, 2021, for her murder charge.

She was accused of killing her two-year-old daughter, who allegedly died in March 2014.

The little girl's remains were found inside a metal pot five years later in 2019.

However, the woman is not walking away scot-free.

Depending on the evidence that emerges, the woman can still be prosecuted for the offence later.

She is still facing 12 additional charges, and her case is expected back in court again on in April 2021.

The mother is facing multiple other counts of abuse involving four other children.

Her 33-year-old husband was also charged in September 2019 for killing their daughter in a Chin Swee Road flat.

A murder charge against him will proceed, the Attorney-General's Chamber said previously.

The man faces 13 other charges.

They include perverting the course of justice by disposing of and concealing the dead girl's body, giving false information to a public servant on her whereabouts, child abuse, and drug consumption.

Both the accused cannot be named due to a gag order to protect the children's identities.


An incomplete burnt corpse was allegedly found in a pot at Block 52, Chin Swee Road in September 2019.

An odour emanating from the remains was reportedly detected by neighbours.

The remains were subsequently established to belong to a two-year-old child.

The accused in this case are the child's parents.

The case cause shock waves as members of the public have expressed their shock and concern that a young child in Singapore in this day and age could have gone missing and unaccounted for, only to be discovered dead five years later, under morbid circumstances.

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has revealed that the family of deceased toddler had interactions with various government agencies and community organisations over the years.

The interactions that the family of the deceased toddler has had with government agencies and community organisations then formed part of police investigations.