Chantalle Ng: Pressure to become next Ah Jie is 'quite huge' after starring in popular drama series

Ng still sees herself as a newcomer who has a long way to go.

Karen Lui | March 02, 2021, 03:29 PM

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Mediacorp Channel 8's popular television series "My Star Bride" concluded its run last week with the final episode available on meWATCH since Feb. 26.

The show revolves around Fang Cao (played by newcomer Chantalle Ng) a Vietnamese bride who comes to Singapore with the aim of looking for her long-lost sister.

On Mar. 1, the stars of the twenty-episode series — Ng and Xu Bin — appeared in a surprise Facebook live stream to thank viewers for their support.

In the live discussion with SPH senior journalist Hong Ming Hua and "My Star Bride" producer, Liang Lai Ling, the celebrity duo looked back on the experience of shooting the show and their responses to its popularity.

During the live stream, Ng shared her thoughts about her potential to be the next Ah Jie ("big sister") in the footsteps of other Caldecott queens and reflected on how she is finally gaining recognition for her acting.

Next Ah Jie

Hong first likened the pairing of Ng and Xu to iconic Mediacorp on-screen couples such as Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, and Rui En and Elvin Ng.

Ng replied that it was a honour while Xu maintained that they will continue to work hard and hope to work together again when a good script comes along.

Hong followed up with an observation that Ng has received high praise for her acting; many people have speculated that she is going to be the next Ah Jie in the local Chinese entertainment circle.

Screenshot via Mediacorp Channel 8's Facebook.

To which, Xu's responded:

"Being recognised as her on-screen partner is very high praise as it proves that we have succeeded and that the two characters have succeeded."

As for Ng being the next Ah Jie, he said, "The road ahead is still very long and she's still very young. If she continues to work hard, I also hope she would get better and better."

Hong subsequently asked Ng if this recognition puts a lot of pressure on her and if she would rather not be imposed with such a title so early on in her career.

Ng admitted that she had seen such messages and the pressure she felt was "quite huge". Even though she felt flattered, she does not feel that she deserves such a title.

"I feel that as a newcomer, I'm contented as long as viewers like watching my shows...As Xu Bin said, the road ahead is still very long and this is only my starting point. Therefore, I just hope I can act well and do my own part well."

Recognised for her role

Towards the end of the live stream, Ng shared an anecdote about her recent experience with some fans.

This experience marked the point where she started to be recognised for her acting skills, beyond being known as the daughter of veteran actress, Lin Meijiao.

Screenshot via Mediacorp Channel 8's Facebook.

"The day after the final episode aired, I was shooting for another show outside MBS. After shooting that scene, a lot of people came over to take pictures with me."

Ng joked with one of the crew, “Now that 'My Star Bride' is finished, I feel like I’ve become famous.”

Ng added:

"Last time, I didn't encounter many people who asked to take pictures with me. And last time, people would call me Lin Meijiao's daughter but now they call me Fang Cao (her character in 'My Star Bride'), which really made me quite happy."

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Top images by Mediacorp Channel 8's Facebook and @chantalleng on Instagram.