Chantalle Ng shares audition footage for 'My Star Bride' in rare behind-the-scenes peek

Fans noted that her accent and acting have improved from the clips.

Karen Lui | March 09, 2021, 04:30 PM

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Mediacorp star Chantalle Ng, daughter of veteran actress Lin Meijiao, has gained much popularity after her successful portrayal of a Vietnamese bride in Channel 8 drama "My Star Bride".

In the show, Ng plays the role named "Fang Cao", a Vietnamese bride who comes to Singapore with the aim of looking for her long-lost sister.

She is cast opposite Xu Bin, who plays her love interest.

The duo surprised fans with a Facebook live stream recently, clocking an average real-time viewership of around 9,000 viewers through the 50-minute live stream on Mar. 1.

Ng shared about audition clips on Facebook live

During the Facebook live, Ng teased the viewers with the possibility of posting her audition tape for fans to watch.

"My Star Bride" producer Liang Lai Ling had also mentioned two specific scenes that Ng performed for her interview.

They are the scene with Xu where she cries hysterically and the scene involving the tortoise.

Ng had said, "I still have the audition clip so perhaps after this live[stream], I could post it on Instagram to show them."

Took some courage to post audition clips online

Ng has compiled both clips and shared them on her social media pages on Mar. 8, a week after the Facebook live.

According to the Instagram post caption, it took "some courage" for the 25-year-old to share these clips that were not intended for public viewing.

The post features two clips of different scenes, both of which Liang had mentioned.

In the first video, she acts out the scene of Fang Cao accusing Shi Jie (played by Xu) of hating her and wondering why she is being bullied even after she has apologised for her unintentional mistake.

In the second video, she uses a packet of tissue as a substitute for the tortoise that she sneakily puts on Shi Jie, who wakes up and berates her for doing so.

Ng's post has garnered 12,749 likes at the time of writing.


Many comments pointed out the disparity between Ng's audition tape and her on-screen performance.

One pointed out that the accent in her audition tape sounded more Malaysian than Vietnamese.

Another commended her on her efforts in trying to act out the part.

Translates to "Wow, first time seeing the audition footage, didn't know it was like this. Can tell that you put in a lot of effort to act. Keep going, Mei Fang Cao."

Others praised her for the vast improvement of her acting since the time of her audition.

Translates to "This footage shows that her acting is more deliberate but your on-screen performance was very natural! The producer made the right choice in choosing you, Chantalle good job!"

Translates to "Audition and [on-screen] drama performance show some differences, particularly lots of improvement! Really like sister Fang Cao! Natural acting, keep going!

Some comments also shared how the success of "My Star Bride" has impacted others in both small and large ways.

Knew this role will be "life-changing" for her

During the Facebook live stream, Liang commented that she "became more adamant about choosing" Ng as the female lead after watching the audition clips.

Ng also said that she was very thankful to Liang.

When she first received the audition script, she felt touched despite only reading a few of Fang Cao's scenes.

She believed that if she successfully got the role, "it will be life-changing" for her and expressed her strong desire to be cast for the part.

Speaking to Liang during the Facebook livestream, Ng shared how she was like while waiting to hear from the producer.

"That time when I sent you the audition clip, I really valued your opinion on it and hoped you would cast me. After sending it to my manager, I knew it would be sent to you. I was practically asking my manager almost every day if the producer has replied. My manager would say, 'Not yet, can you give her more time?'"

Liang disclosed she had also shared the audition clips with the story person and screenwriter whom she discussed with before arriving at the decision to cast Ng.

Top images via @chantalleng on Instagram.