Cat chases rooster around at Boon Lay HDB

Cat and cock game.

Ashley Tan | March 17, 2021, 10:51 PM

Boon Lay residents caught a glimpse of an amusing sight recently — a cat and mouse chase between a cat and a rooster.

Cat vs. rooster

In a video posted by a Facebook user named Havoc Prince, the two animals were spotted making rounds near Block 174 Boon Lay Drive.

A grey kitty was hot on the heels of a rooster, which was trying its best to evade the slinky feline.

Amidst the action, an elderly lady casually walked past, observing the creatures' shenanigans.

Video from Havoc Prince / FB

Although the video ended rather abruptly once the cat and the rooster were obscured by a building, Facebook users probed the original poster for the conclusion to the event.

He shared that the rooster, thankfully, did not end up as catnip — it managed to evade capture by flying atop a van.

Several Facebook users joked that the scene looked like a real life version of "Tom & Jerry", with rooster instead of a mouse.

Chickens have become increasingly commonplace in residential estates, one of these being Sin Ming.

The crowing avians have been such a consistent feature there that residents have considered them a part of the community.

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Top photo from Havoc Prince / FB