Family of calico cats allegedly murdered in Boon Lay over the years

Boon Lay might have its own cat killer.

Belmont Lay | March 13, 2021, 04:32 PM

A calico cat turned up sprawled on the ground dead in Boon Lay recently after it was believed to have been killed.

A photo of the dead cat was put up on Facebook on March 12.

It showed the cat lying on its side with bodily fluids discharged from its mouth.

Suspected to have fallen initially

According to the initial post, the cat was believed to have been thrown off from a height.

In a subsequent update to the post the next day, the person who posted about the cat visited the exact location the body was found and said the animal was likely to have been beaten to death.

This was so as the area did not have buildings close to where the body was found.

The post also claimed the alleged killing was committed by the same person, but did not provide evidence, and that this latest incident was the eighth or ninth cat killing case over the last few years.

Cat's offspring died earlier

Follow-up comments on the post by the same person claimed that the cat's offspring was found dead the same way a few years ago.

The offspring consisted of a calico and a black cat.

The person then pointed out one of the cats in particular, and wrote: "This is her daughter."

He also wrote that the mother cat "loves her children a lot" when they were alive.

Upon the urging of a commenter, the person who posted the photos and information said he would be reporting the incident to the authorities, which include the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) and SPCA.