Bald mynah in S'pore looks like a mini vulture or recruit on first book out from Tekong

It's actually a pretty common occurrence.

Andrew Koay | March 04, 2021, 04:43 PM

Despite our highly urbanised surroundings, Singapore is actually home to a surprising amount of wildlife.

Those lucky enough may be able to catch sightings of fairly exotic birds.

But for those that aren't so fortunate, they can always resort to using their imaginations.

Just like Facebook user Joven Koh, who recently posted on the social media platform's Singapore Wildlife Sightings page.

"Spotted a 'vulture' in Singapore," Koh wrote, his post accompanied by three images.

Yet, instead of a vulture, the photos showed a bald mynah.

Image of the bald mynah Image by Joven Koh

Image of the bald mynah Image by Joven Koh

Image of the bald mynah Image by Joven Koh

Admittedly, the bird's bare crown and relatively long thin neck did give it the appearance of a miniature raptor.

Common occurrence

According to the Bird Ecology Study Group, hair (or more accurately feather) loss is actually pretty common among mynahs.

Very little is known about what causes the balding; moulting, fighting, nutrient deficiencies, and mites are all possible contributing factors.

However that didn't stop users who sensed the comedic potential of the photos and flooded the comments section with humorous takes on how the small bird had lost its hair:

Screenshot of comment that reads "haircut went wrong" Screenshot of comment that reads "This one just enlist and first book out lah" Screenshot of comment that reads "Stress level in Singapore is real. Even for a mynah"

Screenshot of two comments which read "Shaolin Mynah" and "Special offer for mynah at Beijing 101"

Top image by Joven Koh via Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook page