Driver brakes hard to avoid running over 2 children dashing across road in Tampines

Braked in time.

Belmont Lay | March 11, 2021, 12:57 PM

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A driver braked hard in time to narrowly avoid running over two children in Tampines.

The incident occurred at a pedestrian crossing along Tampines Avenue 7 beside Gongshang Primary School.

According to the video's timestamp, the incident happened on March 9 just before 4:50pm.

The traffic light was green at that time, giving vehicles the right of way.

One of the two girls in white could be seen committing to the dash and was already on the road, but pulled back just in time after seeing the car.

The other girl in red was still on the sidewalk and stopped herself from crossing.

Both girls retreated back to the sidewalk after the car stopped moving.

Previously, a child was almost hit by a car after dashing out onto the pedestrian crossing along Bencoolen Street.