11 new dinosaur installations, including 3.9m-tall T-Rex, at Changi Airport Connector


Ashley Tan | March 17, 2021, 12:33 PM

Changi Jurassic Mile previously saw the invasion of more than 20 life-like dinosaurs across its 1-km stretch.

The path is a part of the 3.5km-long Changi Airport Connector (CAC), which allows visitors to jog or cycle between East Coast Park and Changi Airport.

New dinosaurs

Recently, the CAC has been refreshed with a line-up of 11 more dinosaur displays, becoming one of the latest attractions to open at Changi Airport.

The line-up includes an impressive 3.9m-tall Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Photo from Changi Airport Group

There's also a 3.5m-tall pink Diplodocus outside the VIP complex.

Photo from Changi Airport Group

Other dinosaurs there are the Spinosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Raptor, Triceratops, Stegosauraus, another junior Triceratops, and baby Pterodactyls.

Photo from Changi Airport Group

Photo from Changi Airport Group

Dinosaurs upcycled from previous festival

The dinosaurs were repurposed from when they were previously used for the Changi Festive Village at the end of 2020.

Due to the some of the displays' massive size, relocating them to the CAC was "no mean feat" — over three weeks, the dinosaurs had to be cut up before transportation and then reassembled and repainted.

10 men and a forklift were involved in the transportation and positioning of the dinosaurs as well, given their height, build and weight.

Photo from Changi Airport Group

You might have noticed that compared to the more concretised environment the dinosaurs last year were displayed at, the new displays are surrounded by vegetation this time.

This was a conscious decision by Changi Airport Group to ensure the dinosaurs "assimilate more naturally into their surroundings".

It also allows the eye-popping colours of the 11 dinosaurs to stand out more in a background of greenery.

Additional horticulture decor was also incorporated at the display location to better emulate a Jurassic theme along the connector.

Top photo from Changi Airport Group