S'pore parking warden keeps calm & issues parking ticket to motorist aggressively protesting his innocence

Keep calm & carry on.

Nigel Chua | February 10, 2021, 05:50 PM

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Upset about being stopped by a parking enforcement officer, a motorcyclist in Singapore whipped out his phone, while aggressively protesting his innocence, and started to take a video of the officer who was processing the parking offence.

The ensuing commotion was a one-sided conversation, but it showed the officer calmly doing his job while ignoring the motorcyclist, who questioned whether he was "blind", "deaf", or "stupid", among other choice words.

The video was circulated online and eventually uploaded to the Roads.sg Facebook page on Feb. 9.

Rider stopped along road with single yellow zigzag line

It is likely that the motorcyclist was penalised for illegal parking.

The rider could be seen challenging the officer's decision to issue him a ticket, as he said he was already back at his vehicle, and was about to move off.

He said:

"Eh, I here already what, what you want [me] to do?"

Subsequently, in the clip, he can also be heard saying: "People here already, still want to [issue a parking ticket] ah? Eh, I was there you know."

Parking warden ignores verbal abuse

"You slack there for what? Eh, I'm talking to you, you know," said the motorcyclist, as the parking warden calmly used his handheld device.

Unable to get a response from the warden, the motorcyclist continued his tirade, saying: "Hello, you blind ah? Eh, you blind or what, oi! Eh you deaf ah? Stupid or what, you?"

Warden presents parking ticket politely

In less than a minute, the parking ticket was printed and issued.

Apparently giving up on trying to get the attention of the warden, the motorcyclist remarked: "Idiot, this fella," while the warden tears off the printed ticket.

The warden then presented the ticket politely to the parking offender, with both hands.

GIF via ROADS.sg on Facebook.

After a brief pause, the motorcyclist snatched it away angrily, while protesting again, asking: "You cannot see ah?"

The warden walked back to his own vehicle.

Why was the rider penalised?

From the video, it appeared that the motorcyclist had parked his vehicle along the side of a road that was marked with a single yellow zigzag line.

According to the Land Transport Authority, only "the immediate picking up and alighting of passengers" is allowed on such roads.

Screenshot from LTA website.

While he tried to protest his innocence, saying that he was there with his motorcycle, it was not enough to absolve him of the parking offence.

As the caption of the video stated, under the Road Traffic Act, a motorist is considered to have parked a vehicle as long as it is waiting in a "stationary position".

The only exception is for "immediately taking up or setting down persons, goods or luggage".

Screenshot via sso.agc.gov.sg.

You can watch the full video here:

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Top image via Roads.sg