Thai boy, 9, learns to make crepes from YouTube, sells them to help his family earn money


Tanya Ong | February 21, 2021, 11:42 PM

The pandemic has brought some tough times for families all over the world.

Some particularly sensible young folks, however, are doing whatever they can to lessen their family's load, such as this 9-year-old Indonesian boy:

Another 9-year-old boy in Thailand also made the news recently for running a crepe stall at a market to contribute to his family's income.

Runs his own crepe stall

According to Khaosod Online, the young boy, known only as Weir, said that money had been tight lately.

In order to give his parents a hand, he started his own stall to help supplement their income.

He previously helped his parents at their food stall, but later persuaded his parents to buy him a stove and some ingredients, so he could get started with his own stall.

From social media posts and video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Weir learnt how to make crepes.

Now, he's offering his customers both sweet and savoury crepe options for only 10 baht (S$0.44) each.

Via Khaosod Online.

At Yen market, located in the Non Daeng District, he runs his stall on weekends and after school.

Photos online showed him at his stall, a simple set-up involving a small stove and a table, preparing the crepes:

Via Khaosod Online.


Top photo via Khaosod Online.