Retiring teacher in M'sia video calls son for IT help so he can provide quality lessons to students during lockdown

Doing his best to guide his students during lockdown.

Ashley Tan | February 09, 2021, 02:09 PM

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Covid-19-induced lockdowns in various countries have really tested the limits of remote interactions.

Some who are slightly older however, have had trouble grappling with the new technology facilitating these interactions.

One Malaysian man, Wee Cher Wei, shared on Facebook the heartwarming story of how his father, who is a teacher, attempted to overcome technology issues for the sake of his students.

The post, which has since garnered over 25,000 shares, was first put up in November 2020, but has recently circulated on social media again.

Teased father for putting in too much effort

Back in Nov., Wee shared that his father would be retiring in six to seven months' time.

As Malaysia was in the midst of a lockdown, with their area being under the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), his father was teaching his students virtually.

Wee was approached by his father one day, who called him via FaceTime and requested for some help with certain "hardware issues" on his laptop.

Wee diagnosed his father's laptop as beyond saving, and joked that it was "old enough to donate to the museum".

Wee's father proceeded to use his daughter's laptop, and Wee helped to install some software on it remotely.

It was only later on that Wee realised his father was going to such great lengths so he could teach his students properly.

Wee then teased his father for putting in so much effort.

"As I'm guai-lan (annoying) as usual, I teased him why he still need to put so many effort while he is retiring soon. Show face can already what? He never answer me and keep urging me to finish the tasks."

Proud of his father

A photo Wee's sister sent him the next day made him reflect on his actions.

The snap showed his father deep in concentration in the midst of a lesson.

The set up is an elaborate one, with a contraption affixed to a tablet so it can record his drawings and notes in real time.

Two laptops are set up beside him, one showing a set of Powerpoint slides and the other displaying his drawings on the screen.

Photo from Wee Cher Wei / FB

Wee expressed regret about his jibes towards his father the day before, saying that he felt "ashamed".

He also recalled his father stating that it didn't matter how many students paid attention to his classes, as long as one of them does well.

"As an old man (yes, I'm teasing my dad again) that knows nothing about IT, he did whatever he can to teach, to help and to guide his students during this tough period, not knowing how many of them are actually paying attention. I remember he once told me, he doesn't care how many actually paying attention to his class. But if there is one among them that does well in exam or in life, he is happy enough."

Wee then professed his appreciation for the elder man, and added that he was "nothing but proud of his dedication and passion".

He also added a joking quip at the end of his post:

"P/S: Dad, you still owe me the IT consultation fees. (Just kidding)."

Top photo from Wee Cher Wei / FB