Star Awards to take place on Apr. 18, combining 2020 & 2021 ceremonies


Mandy How | February 04, 2021, 12:49 PM

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The next Star Awards (SA) is set to take place on Apr. 18, 2021.

Themed Connect! (星起点), it will showcase two years of productions in one ceremony.

SA2020 was cancelled by Mediacorp due to the Covid-19 situation last year.

Mediacorp announced that a total of 20 awards will be presented at SA2021, including a newly added award — the Best Radio Programme.

The number of nominees will be increased to seven for most award categories, up from the usual number of five.

This is to better reflect the number of eligible nominees, given that there are two years' worth of productions.

Here are the awards to be presented:

  1. Best Drama Serial 最佳戏剧
  2. Best Entertainment Programme 最佳综艺节目
  3. Best Entertainment Special Programme 最佳综艺特备节目
  4. Best Infotainment Programme 最佳资讯节目
  5. Best Actor 最佳男主角
  6. Best Actress 最佳女主角
  7. Best Supporting Actor 最佳男配角
  8. Best Supporting Actress 最佳女配角
  9. Young Talent Award 青苹果奖
  10. Best Newcomer Award 最佳新人
  11. Evergreen Artiste Award 常青演绎奖
  12. Best Programme Host (Entertainment & Infotainment) 最佳综艺及资讯节目主持人
  13. Best Theme Song 最佳主题曲
  14. Best Short-form Drama Serial 最佳短篇戏剧
  15. Best Short-form Entertainment Programme 最佳短篇综艺节目
  16. Best Radio Programme 最佳电台节目
  17. Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes 十大最受欢迎男艺人
  18. Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes 十大最受欢迎女艺人
  19. All-time Favourite Artiste Award 超级红星奖
  20. Bioskin Most Charismatic Award Bioskin 魅力四射奖

The programme

The seven-hour programme kicks off at 3:30pm on the day itself, where viewers get a glimpse of backstage preparations as well as interviews with the artistes.

The Walk of Fame, a segment where the celebs get judged for their outfits, start at 5pm.

Mediacorp added that the main ceremony will be a "new one-of-a-kind show," but details for that will be released at a later date.

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Top image via Mediacorp