S'pore woman shows hotel rooms her housekeeper mum cleans up after 'thoughtless' guests leave

She wanted to show how a little consideration can help the housekeepers.

Mandy How | February 23, 2021, 06:49 PM

A less common way to look at staycations would perhaps be the exchange of someone else's labour for the guest's comfort and convenience.

One woman in Singapore has shown the extent of such a situation with an anecdotal account of her mother's experience, posted to the Complaint Singapore Facebook group.

The woman's mother has reportedly been a housekeeper at hotels for the past five years.

While the woman noted that cleaning the rooms is part of a housekeeper's job, not many can empathise with the high levels of physical labour and mental stress to meet the turnaround time.

The strong cleaning chemicals may also lead to adverse effects on the skin.

When a group of guests books a room for a party, the extreme mess left behind can make the work unnecessarily tough for those cleaning up.

The woman attached some photos to her post, which has since been taken down, to demonstrate her point.

Speaking to Mothership, she confirmed that these photos were taken in Singapore (hotel backgrounds censored by us):

Photo via Complaint Singapore/Facebook

Photo via Complaint Singapore/Facebook

Photo via Complaint Singapore/Facebook

Photo via Complaint Singapore/Facebook

Photo via Complaint Singapore/Facebook

Cleaning processes have also become more stringent due to the pandemic, the woman added.

She also revealed that such messy situations do not happen "once in a while", but are instead a "frequent occurrence".

This leads to the workload snowballing, to the extent that it can become unmanageable.

During peak periods, a housekeeper might only have one to one-and-a-half hours to clean up the room.

How can you help?

If you have been guilty of this, you can help by cleaning up after yourselves.

One tip that the woman provided is to bag your trash and place them aside.

While the post was gaining traction after it was posted on Feb. 22, the woman removed it on Feb. 23, citing privacy concerns.

Top image via Complaint Singapore/Facebook