Man in S'pore sues neighbour over 'harassment' due to 'electromagnetic waves' from her WiFi devices


Lean Jinghui | February 03, 2021, 11:48 PM

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A Singaporean man allegedly took a female neighbour to court over "harassment" caused by "electromagnetic waves". 

According to Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao, the two neighbours lived in a condominium located on Geylang East Avenue 2.

"Physical and mental torment"

The "victim", Yan, alleged that his neighbour, Tan, who lived two stories down from him, had caused him "physical and mental torment" via the "electromagnetic waves" emitted from her house. 

He claimed that this was because she had installed a WiFi jammer and multiple WiFi network devices within her home, and that these devices emitted waves that affected him.

Yan said that he decided to sue Tan under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA), which criminalises behaviour that harasses, distresses or harms a victim.

He accused her of deliberately installing an excessive number of WiFi devices, causing him much distress. 

Yan also added that he wished for Tan to stop using the WiFi jammer.

No evidence, refutes Tan's lawyer

According to Zaobao, Tan's lawyer denied Yan's claims, saying that there was no evidence to suggest that Tan had "threatened" him using her WiFi jammer and WiFi devices, and that she had never caused him distress.

Using a WiFi jammer was also not sufficient to warrant a charge of "unlawful stalking" under POHA.

Tan's lawyer also pointed out that Yan did not have the evidence to prove that the electromagnetic waves that affected him came from Tan's WiFi jammer.

Moreover, he pointed out that WiFi jammers are not considered illegal in Singapore, and installing more than one WiFi network device in every household is considered a "norm" today.

A history of allergies to electromagnetic waves

Yan had allegedly been diagnosed with electro hypersensitivity (EHS) by a French doctor in the past. 

EHS, or 'WiFi allergy', is a condition where one experiences physical or psychological symptoms due to exposure to electromagnetic fields. While the experience is real, research has suggested that EHS has no relation to electromagnetic waves. 

Further investigation later determined that the French doctor who diagnosed Yan had no expertise in the neurology nor electromagnetic wave/radiation department.

In addition, there was no evidence provided by experts that proved Yan's EHS was caused by electromagnetic radiation emitted from WiFi devices.

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