Actor Ben Yeo launches pineapple-tart shaped chiffon cake for S$38

Only 1,000 sets are available.

Mandy How | February 02, 2021, 09:58 AM

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Ben Yeo, 42, is back with new items as part of his F&B endeavour — and it's not just chee cheong fun this time.

Priced at S$38, the SG Ong Lai Chiffon Cake is a — you've guess it — chiffon cake shaped like a ginormous pineapple tart.

Here's a styled product shoot with some actual pineapple tarts in the background for scale:

Photo via Susanne Ng's Facebook page

The product in real life

The cake comes in a very presentable box with the Chinese character for "luck" emblazoned on it.

Photo by Mandy How

Unfolding the box to unveil a seven-inch cake:

Photo by Mandy How

Buried within the cake is a tangy pineapple jam core:

Photo by Mandy How

Photo by Mandy How

If our tastebuds are not fooling us, the cake should be lightly infused with a pineapple flavour, so folks who like their pineapples should have no problem scarfing it down.

And despite having lived in the fridge for a couple of days (sorry Ben!), it was still sufficiently soft to the bite.

If you're marvelling at the workmanship, the cake is made in collaboration with baker Susanne Ng, who went viral some years back for her impossibly intricate chiffon creations:

There are only 1,000 of the SG Ong Lai Chiffon Cake available, and you can buy it here.

Store air-tight in the chiller and consume it within three days from purchase for maximum freshness.

Yeo has other products for Chinese New Year as well — the #MooMooYuSheng goes for S$68, while a new chee cheong fun flavour with XO sauce, brown rice puffs, and fortune cookies costs S$38.

Photo via SG Chee Cheong Fun

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