Netizens laud kind SBS bus driver for helping elderly man alight from bus

Class act.

Lean Jinghui | February 05, 2021, 06:04 PM

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As one grows older, our bones and muscles lose strength, affecting our stability and coordination.

This makes many elderly folks susceptible to nasty falls or fractures. 

A helping hand can go a long way, like in this Facebook post, which shows an SBS bus driver helping an elderly man alight from the bus.

It's how we all wish our grandparents would be treated, should they ever take public transport.

A heartwarming act of kindness

A member of Complaint Singapore first posted about the encounter on Facebook.

She wrote:

"I not complain anything, just simple to share this heartwarming action by the bus 262 driver SG1153Z, he automatically came out to help this elderly, because the elderly can't walk properly, we need this kind of driver to care and help our elderly ❤️❤️❤️

I appreciate his kindness and thanks to him."

Photos show snapshots of the entire process, including the bus driver supporting the man from the back as he steps off the bus.

Image via Complaint Singapore

Image via Complaint Singapore

Image via Complaint Singapore

Image via Complaint Singapore


While some netizens applauded the SBS driver for his kind action, others rued there aren't many of "this kind of drivers anymore".

Image via Complaint Singapore

Yet others reportedly wanted to write in to SBS, to reward the bus driver for his wholesome action.

Image via Complaint Singapore

However, some netizens also pointed out some bystanders could have also helped.

Image via Complaint Singapore

A wonderful act of kindness indeed.

Top image via Complaint Singapore