S'pore wildlife photographer captures crystal clear footage of Sambar deer at Central Catchment

It is estimated that fewer than 20 Sambar deer still live in the wild in Singapore.

Andrew Koay | February 07, 2021, 11:34 AM

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Sightings of the elusive Sambar deer are normally documented on blurry smartphone camera footage where the animal's form can barely be made out.

However, thanks to a wildlife photographer in Singapore, the rare beauty can now be seen in its full glory.

In a video posted by a user named Munch Lmc to the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Group, a male Sambar deer can be seen foraging for food.

The footage, which can be viewed in high definition, shows the deer interrupt his meal as its attention shifts to his observers.

A description accompany the video points out that the animal had recently shed its antlers, with its two pedicles clearly seen.

Screenshot from Munch LMC via Singapore Wildlife Sightings

"Sambar deer shed their antlers throughout the year and typically regrow them gradually," wrote the photographer.

A rare sight

It is estimated that there are fewer than 20 Sambar deer in Singapore.

Males can grow up to 2 metres tall including antlers, and weigh up to 260kg.

Females are at most two-thirds the size of males.

Considering that there are roughly less than two dozen of them left in the wild in Singapore, it is a pretty rare sight.

Munch Lmc wrote that he had been tipped onto the possibility of spotting the Sambar deer at the Central Catchment Nature Reserves by landscape maintenance workers.

The video can be seen here.

Top image from Munch LMC via Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook group

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