'I don't want dictatorship, I just want boyfriend': Young Myanmar citizens protest with creative signs

When the meme generation protest.

Kayla Wong | February 09, 2021, 02:17 PM

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Tens of thousands of Myanmar demonstrators have taken to the streets for four days in a row to protest against the military coup, calling for the release of detained civilian government leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Young Myanmar protesters

Angry that the coup is negating the country's progress for the last decade when democratic reforms were introduced, protesters held up signs that expressed their dissatisfaction with the military.

While the country is not new to pro-democracy protests -- demonstrations in 1988 and 2007 had turned bloody, with several civilians and Buddhist monks killed by the army in violent crackdowns -- protests differ this time as they involve a younger generation that is more in tune with popular meme culture.

Perhaps influenced by other pro-democracy protests in the region, such as Thailand, some held up three-finger salutes -- a symbol of resistance against totalitarian oppressors in "The Hunger Games" movie -- as an anti-coup gesture.

Young demonstrators were also aided by a growing proliferation of smartphones and Internet access due to the policies introduced by the quasi-civilian government to open up the country's economy, according to Reuters

Here are some signs that young Myanmar citizens, including medical workers and civil service workers, held up while taking part in the protests.

"You f***ed with the wrong generation"

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"So bad, even introverts are here."

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"I don't want dictatorship, I just want boyfriend."

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"My ex is bad. But Myanmar military is worse."

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"Don't f*** my country. F*** my exes."

Image via @yoonnekkko/Twitter

"My ex cheated better than the military."

Image via @yoonnekkko/Twitter

"We Are Protesting Peacefully"

"WAP" is the acronym for the title of a sexually explicit rap song by American rapper Cardi B, but Myanmar protesters turned it into something else.


Someone even held up a programming code that said "I have five fingers and the third one is for you."

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