Monkey roadkill at Old Upp Thomson Road prompts S'porean to urge drivers to slow down


Mandy How | February 24, 2021, 12:08 PM

A Singaporean man has appealed for other drivers to be more vigilant while driving along Old Upper Thomson Road after coming across the carcass of a monkey on the road.

Alex Chia came across the sight while cycling along the stretch in the late morning of Feb. 23.

Photo via Alex Chia/Facebook

Two other monkeys were also seen near the carcass, indicating that more of their kind could be nearby.

Photo via Alex Chia/Facebook

Third animal-related accident encountered in the past year

Chia noted in his Facebook post that it was the third animal-related road accident he has encountered in the past year.

Speaking to Mothership, the cyclist said that the other two incidents involved a snake and another monkey.

The previous monkey was knocked down outside of Upper Peirce Reservoir's car park and hit on its head, but managed to survive.

The snake, however, was not as lucky. While Chia did not personally witness the accident, he saw the reptile's flattened carcass run over by cars.

For the most recent accident, Chia told Mothership that he covered the monkey's body was a towel and moved it to the side of the road.

He then called NParks, who sent a staff to remove the carcass.

Under the Road Traffic Act, drivers involved in an animal-related accident are obligated to alert other road users if the injured or dead animal may pose as a safety hazard.

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Top photo via Alex Chia/Facebook