Girl, 6, goes missing at Tanjong Pagar food court, found nearby by police & K-9 dog unit tracking her scent


Lean Jinghui | February 01, 2021, 04:25 PM

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A six-year-old girl went missing on Jan. 30, where she was last seen at the "Essen at the Pinnacle" food court on 1 Cantonment Road, Tanjong Pagar.

The police confirmed with Mothership that they received a call regarding a case of missing person at 4.36pm, Jan. 30.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, several officers were dispatched to search for the missing girl, who was subsequently found at a nearby HDB block.

"Tense atmosphere"

A woman who was a member of the public, Wang, told Zaobao that she had noticed 12 police officers stationed outside the food court at 6pm.

The atmosphere was described as "tense".

The six-year-old daughter of one of the female hawkers had reportedly gone missing, and a person had alerted the police to the scene.

Wang said:

There remained six to seven police officers in the food court, up till about 7pm.

There was also a police dog from the K-9 unit present at the scene.

Known as a "Human-Trailing Dog", these animals are trained to assist police in locating missing persons, based on "scent articles" left at the crime scene.

Officers were seen carrying a plastic bag containing a child's backpack, presumably for the purpose of tracking the girl's scent.


After an officer was heard uttering the block number of a nearby HDB, things happened quickly.

Wang said that most of the officers left immediately, having supposedly confirmed the girl's location.

She added that a female officer had stayed behind to accompany the worried female hawker, as she awaited her daughter’s return.

Speaking to Mothership, the police confirmed that the girl was reunited with her family: "The six-year-old girl was subsequently found and returned to her family safe and well. No further assistance was required.”

Top image via Essen at the Pinnacle Facebook