Migrant worker handyman spends hours searching for door roller, S'pore man pays double for hard work

The homeowner had to cancel his evening plans but was moved by his hard work.

Ashley Tan | February 06, 2021, 12:47 PM

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One Fabian Ke recently shared on Facebook his heartwarming encounter with a migrant worker handyman.

In his post, which has racked up over 4,400 shares in less than a day, Ke said he first hired the handyman, Anowar, to fix the glass sliding door in his home.

Travelled around using public transport

He had randomly searched for a handyman online and Anowar soon arrived at Ke's house at East Coast at 5pm on Feb. 4.

Surprisingly, Anowar had travelled to his house via public transport, something which Ke said shocked him as his house was rather inaccessible.

Upon dismantling the glass door, Anowar realised that the rollers he had brought were not the right size.

He apologised and left to find new rollers, but did not return for another four hours.

Most might get upset at this long waiting time — Ke revealed he even had to cancel his dinner plans.

However, Ke was reminded of Anowar's hard work.

"I wanted to get upset but seeing how hard he is working and how determined he is to get the job done really got to me."

He also speculated that Anowar was taking so long as he could have been using public transport.

Unfortunately, Anowar returned without the rollers — he had "looked all over" but was unable to find the right model.

Ke assured him it was fine and asked him to try finding the rollers again the next day when he was free.

He also gave Anowar S$50 for his troubles.

Shared about his work problems and his family in Bangladesh

The next day, Anowar showed up at 6:30pm with the right model of rollers. 20 minutes of fixing later and Ke's sliding glass door was good as new.

Both men chatted during the repair job as well, and Ke came to learn that Anowar has been working in Singapore for 20 years.

He had left behind two sons and a teenage daughter in Bangladesh who is paralysed in the right side of her body from a vehicle accident.

Anowar also shared his work problems with Ke, including one about a pub at Upper Thomson that had not paid him for a completed repair job.

Ke dispensed some advice, and even sat down with Anowar to chat more over a cup of coffee.

Although Anowar quoted Ke S$100 for the repair job, Ke paid him double the amount and even gave him some spare cash for a taxi ride home.

"Working in Singapore must be so tough and lonely for our Bangladeshi brothers. I cannot imagine myself in their situation. They have nothing but my respect.


He was so touched that he was near to tears. Made me wanna cry too. I gave him all my remaining coffee powder since he said he enjoyed it.

Thank you Anowar and our Bangladeshi brothers for building our buildings and maintaining our city. Love, from Singapore."

You can read Ke's full post here.


Top photo from Fabian Ke / FB