Punny mahjong t-shirts launching on S'pore web store on Feb. 4, 9pm


Mandy How | February 04, 2021, 06:50 PM

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For those who have an incurable urge to display their love for mahjong to the world, local store MFW is launching a series of mahjong t-shirts on Feb. 4, 9pm.

MFW is not the first to launch mahjong patterned apparel, but they are among the few who make it stylish enough.

Their Facebook post offers a preview of three designs, all white tees with a crew neckline.

Photo via MFW/Facebook
If you're not mahjong player, we'll break down the meanings for you:

Left: "Si bei nan dong" is a combination of Hokkien and Chinese, meaning that it's hard to move a woman's heart. The four tiles are also used in the game to signify the directional "winds" — west (si/xi) north (bei), south (nan), and east (dong).

Middle: "God of gambling"

Right: "What the fa" The word "fa" also means prosper in Chinese, and is one of the three "big tiles" in mahjong.

Not much else has been released about the prices, sizes, or materials, but a top on the site usually costs about S$26 to S$30+.

You will not find similar styles (casual t-shirts) from MFW, either, as the brand usually carries dresses and blouses with a feminine touch of lace, crotchet, or ruches instead.

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Top image via MFW/Facebook