S'porean man, 40, pleads guilty to raping unconscious woman, 24, at Downtown East chalet

He will return to court on Feb. 26.

Syahindah Ishak | February 03, 2021, 10:15 PM

A 40-year-old Singaporean man, Yap Chun Chieh, has pleaded guilty to raping a 24-year-old woman, who was unconscious at the time.

Yap, who was a manager and bouncer at Club V5 Tycoon, pleaded guilty on Monday (Feb. 1) to one count of rape and one count of outrage of modesty, as reported by CNA.

Another count of molest will be taken into consideration during his sentencing.

He will return to court on Feb. 26, reported Yahoo.

What happened

According to court documents seen by Mothership, the offences were committed at D'Resort @ Downtown East in September 2018.

Yap's friends were staying in the chalet at the time of the incident, which they had booked from Sep. 16, 2018 to Sep. 17, 2018.

Yap's friends are:

  • Tay Boon Huat, a 28-year-old Singaporean
  • Yong Chun Hong, a 31-year-old Singaporean
  • Gan Soon Chai, a 35-year-old Malaysian
  • Yeo We Chieng, a 42-year-old Singaporean

Victim went to Club V5 with friends for drinks

Sometime after midnight on Sep. 17, 2018, Tay, Yong, Yeo and Gan went to Club V5 via Yeo’s car. Yap was already at the club.

At about 3:35 am, the victim arrived at the club with some of her friends, after having consumed alcohol at another nightclub before that.

She consumed more alcohol at Club V5, as stated in court documents.

At about 5:20 am, the victim and her friends entered into a drunken dispute with another group of clubgoers, which included Tay.

After the dispute was resolved, the victim's friends left her behind.

In her intoxicated state, the victim continued consuming alcohol with Yong, Yeo and Tay.

Took her to the chalet

At about 6am, Yong brought the victim, who was unable to walk on her own, to the female toilet and the male toilet, where he spent about 15 minutes alone with her behind closed doors.

At about 6:35 am, he then brought the victim over to Yap, telling him to send her home by taxi.

The victim was severely intoxicated at this point, stated court documents, and she had trouble walking on her own.

Yap walked with the victim to the taxi stand and enlisted the help of a friend to book a Grab ride for the victim.

However, Yeo, Yong, Gan and Tay soon appeared at the taxi stand in Yeo's car.

Yong alighted from the car and pulled the unconscious victim by her arm into the car. He persuaded Yap to get inside too.

The six of them subsequently went to the chalet.

"You got free f*ck, why don't want?"

When Gan asked Yong why he had brought the victim into Yeo’s car when she was so intoxicated, Yong replied that they wanted to bring her to the chalet to "play" and eat.

While travelling to the chalet, court documents stated that Tay had stretched his hand to the back and pulled down the victim's top before touching her breasts.

Yap joined in and touched her breasts with his hands while hugging her. Yong also reached over and squeezed and fondled her breast.

Investigations also revealed that at some point before they arrived at the chalet, Yong made the following comment to Yap:

"You got free f*ck, why don't want?"

The victim was unconscious throughout the journey to the chalet.

"What are you waiting for?"

At around 7:25am on the same day, they arrived at the chalet.

Upon arrival, Yong and Yeo went to the nearby Cheers convenience store to buy food while Yap, Tay and Gan went into the chalet.

After entering the chalet, Tay went to the toilet while Yap helped the victim onto the bed nearest to the main door, where she lay unconscious.

At around 7:35am, Yong and Yeo returned to the chalet and Yeo fell asleep on the bed that was unoccupied by the victim.

Yong and Tay tried to wake the victim by calling out to her and shaking her arm.

When she remained unconscious, Yong and Tay told Yap: "The woman is already lying here and you still are not having sex with her. What are you waiting for?"

Shortly after, Tay began to touch the victim and removed her top and bra.

Yong then went over to touch the victim before taking his food and going out to the barbecue area to eat.

Encouraged by friends' words and raped the victim

Sometime later, encouraged by what Yong and Tay had told him earlier, Yap took off his own clothes as well as the victim's bottoms and panties.

He then stood at the edge of the bed, pulled the victim towards him by holding her hips, and raped her.

According to court documents, Yap did not use a condom. The victim remained unconscious and unresponsive throughout.

While Yap was raping her, Tay pulled down his pants and laid down near the head of the victim.

He then took the victim's hand and used it to stroke his penis.

Following that, Tay positioned the victim's head with his hands before forcing his penis into the victim's mouth.

Throughout the sexual assault by Yap and Tay, the victim's eyes were shut and she remained completely unresponsive.

Filmed the sexual assault

Gan had witnessed what Yap and Tay were doing to the victim, and had taken out his phone to film what was happening.

At some point during the sexual assault, Tay saw Gan recording on his phone, and told him to stop. Gan complied.

Shortly after, Yap and Tay stopped their sexual assault on the victim. Both men did not ejaculate, court documents wrote.

They then separately spent some time with the victim in the toilet inside the chalet.

After that, they gathered outside the chalet with Gan to smoke and chat. Tay had attempted to delete the video from Gan's phone, but was unsuccessful.

At around 9am on the same day, Yap got dressed and sent the victim home via a taxi.

But when they arrived at the void deck of her residence, the victim was still asleep.

Brought her to Hotel 81

Yap then decided to bring her to Hotel 81 Premier Star located in Geylang to let her sleep. They both slept inside a room after checking in.

At some point, Yap woke up and realised the victim was still asleep.

He then seized the opportunity to touch her breasts over her clothes.

Victim woke up

Later the same day at about 7pm, the victim finally regained consciousness.

She was startled when she realised she had woken up next to a male stranger.

The victim then walked into the bathroom where she realised that her underwear had been worn inside out, and that her panty lining had been dislodged from her underwear.

When she left the bathroom, Yap was awake. The duo subsequently walked out of the hotel room together.

When they arrived at the hotel lobby, Yap told the victim that the room cost S$70, and the victim walked up to the counter and paid for the room using her credit card.

They then went their separate ways.

Felt disgusted and depressed

When the victim arrived home, she took a bath and threw her underwear away that same night as she felt very disgusted.

She knew something had happened to her, but did not make a police report as she felt very depressed and did not know what to do.

That same night, she met a friend at Club V5 to talk about what happened.

She also saw Yap at the club, and recognised him. However, she did not confront him then as she did not know what to do, and she simply wanted to forget about the matter.

Confronted Yap

A few days later, the victim went back to Club V5 and decided to confront Yap to find out what had happened to her that night.

Yap told the victim that she was very drunk, and that he and three of his colleagues had driven her to the chalet.

He admitted that he had sex with her at the chalet, but he told her that he did not ejaculate.

He also apologised to her for the incident.

He then said that he had re-dressed her and brought her to a hotel room in Geylang to sleep.

He insisted that nothing happened in the hotel room.

After learning the truth from Yap, the victim felt very stressed out.

She told Yap to keep the incident to himself as she did not want anyone else to find out.

Lodged a police report

After confronting Yap, the victim went home and confided in her mother about what had happened to her.

Her mother encouraged her to lodge a police report, and she did so that same day.

Following the police report, Yap, Tay, Yong, Gan and Yeo were arrested.

Their mobile phones were seized as part of the investigations, which led to the discovery of the video footage of the sexual assaults in Gan's phone.

Punishments given to the other men

Tay was sentenced to 10 years and three months' jail, and five strokes of the cane in August 2020.

Gan was given 15 months' jail and fined S$20,800 in 2019.

Yong's case, however, is still pending.

Top image from Safra Pasir Ris website.