S'pore flat features droolworthy winning mahjong combinations on walls


Siti Hawa | February 11, 2021, 01:40 PM

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With Chinese New Year fast approaching, mahjong has become a choice activity for many Singaporeans (if it is not already).

Others prefer to be surrounded by mahjong all year round, though.

Interior design studio, Studio CS, took to Facebook to share a design mock-up for a BTO on Feb. 9.


Photo via Studio CS on Facebook

Upon entering the area, you'll immediately notice the animal and flower tiles featured on the wall.

Photo via Studio CS on Facebook

Wall featuring winning combinations

The most interesting area of the flat could arguably be the area where mahjong games are played.

The area is fitted with chairs carved with Chinese characters, while the wall features elusive winning combinations that will bless the player with "man tai" (full points).

Photo via Studio CS on Facebook

The combinations are also translated literally for comedic effect, with the kicker being "self touch", or "zi mo" — meaning that the player draws the wining tile him/herself (as opposed to the tile being thrown by other players) and wins more money.

Photo via Studio CS on Facebook

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Top photos via Studio CS on Facebook