S'porean sells handmade Medan kueh lapis rolls with prunes & almonds from S$55

Looks delicious.

Joshua Lee | February 03, 2021, 12:06 PM

If you like kueh lapis (spiced layer cake), then you might like this roulade version from Medan.

It is called lapis legit gulung (which translates to "sweet layer roll") and one Singapore University of Social Sciences lecturer is bringing it in from Medan.

Singapore-based Indonesian-Chinese Suwandi Lie sells lapis legit gulung which are made by his mother, Yuliana Go. These are air-flown every month to Singapore.

According to 8 Days, Yuliana runs a culinary school/bakery in Medan which makes carrot cake which counted former Indonesian President Habibie as one of it fans.

Traditional kueh lapis is known as kueh lapis legit in Indonesia. It is also sometimes known as spekuk which comes from the Dutch word spekkoek, an Indo-Dutch layered cake — a product of the time when Indonesia was colonised by the Dutch.

Traditional kueh lapis legit is made with about 18 layers. It is a laborious endeavour. On the other hand, the lapis legit gulung made by Yuliana has five layers, which makes it possible to be rolled.

Her lapis legit gulung is made with Dutch butter and the layers are glued into a roll using pineapple jam made from fresh pineapples. The jam also gives the cake a slight tanginess.

Yuliana's cakes are made with no preservatives, no pork, and no lard. Her lapis legit gulung contain spices like cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and cardamon.

Here are the different versions of lapis legit gulung that she offers:

There is the Original Spekoek Lapis Roulade (S$55), the Prune Lapis Roulade (S$58), and the Almond Lapis Roulade (S$60) which is dotted with chunky bits of almond.

Here are some photos:

Original Spekoek Lapis Roulade (S$55)

Prune Lapis Roulade (S$58)

Almond Lapis Roulade (S$60)

You can place your orders at madamlfood.com, Food Affinity, or buy the cakes directly from hiMart stores.

All images via madamlfood.com.