King cobra spotted hanging from tree at MacRitchie Nature Trial, hikers look on in amazement

They speculated about what the snake was trying to do.

Kayla Wong | February 21, 2021, 07:41 PM

A king cobra was spotted hanging on a tree at MacRitchie Nature Trail recently.

Passers-by amazed by the snake

Facebook user Masnashzreen Masturi had uploaded two clips of the cobra onto public group Singapore Wildlife Sightings on Feb. 14.

Passers-by who spotted the snake identified it as a king cobra, the largest venomous snake in the world, and could be heard in the videos discussing what the snake was trying to do.

Some speculated that it was trying to capture a monkey that was nearby.

Many exclaimed loudly when the branch carrying the snake fell slightly due to the extra weight.

King cobras are in danger of becoming extinct

King cobras are native to Singapore but are rather uncommon.

Listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as vulnerable to extinction, they were first classified as locally endangered back in 1997 due to human activities, according to an article published by The Gardens' Bulletin, Singapore.

Their numbers in the wild had dropped due to habitat loss from clearing of forests, as well as persecution by humans due to their fearsome reputation.

If you encounter a snake outdoors, National Parks Board (NParks) advises you to keep calm, and not try to handle the snake yourself.

Top image adapted via Masnashzreen Masturi/Facebook